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Web Development and Digital Business Transition

Bagubits develops presentation and showcase websites as well as successful ecommerce.

The The development of effective, graphically appealing and business-oriented websites is the core of the company. Over the years we have specialised in creating not only the website but also everything that surrounds it and makes it work: sales or lead generation funnel, customer journey and customer automation, DEM, web marketing campaigns. And much more.

The world is changing fast. And so must your business: evolve!
We are the ideal partners for your digital business transition. We accompany you so that you feel confident and above all aware of each choice, which we weigh together, explaining pros and cons.


Digital interfaces, UX/UI people first and Digital brand

Today, it is not enough just to develop or use a management system. We need to use technology for our every need, making it proactive. At Bagubits we use cloud computing, innovative software solutions, state-of-the-art mechanisms, every day. We can create digital interfaces for you that improve your daily work.

Technology must be simple. That is why when we develop websites, applications, CRM, ERP and solutions of various kinds, we always keep in mind that it is people who will use them.

Your product, service or company must be recognised and recognisable. Bagubits accompanies you through a clear and well-defined strategy, so that your brand has a strong and effective presence on the web.


Native and hybrid mobile applications

Developing applications for iOsAndroid is a tough challenge. But great challenges bring great satisfaction.

Creating a smartphone app is useful in many contexts - which Bagubits helps you choose.

The mobile app is developed with different techniques, depending on the needs of the project:

App development in React Native
We create native apps in Swift and Java
We use Expo with great success


Competitor research and product market analysis

It is essential to know what other players operate in the market, how they position themselves and what their objectives are. With modern tools and instruments we can accurately study the objectives, strategies, budgets and audiences of all our competitors.

We will also carry out a comprehensive analysis of your competitors' products to provide you with a clear and complete picture of your industry, thus enabling you to make wise and well-targeted choices.


Vertical and ad-hoc development web solutions

It happens more and more often that the need is to customise a web product.
We fully enter your flows, your team and your templates, going to develop the website connected to your ERP, going to create your CRM or connecting e-commerce to the production line. We like to develop and create solutions from scratch, truly customised and tailored to your needs. We are mind and arm at your service.

We use innovative methods for the design and project of the web solution, create applications using the most appropriate language and technology, deliver to the cloud or your on-premises servers.


ERP, CRM and cloud based management software

The good performance of a company depends on its good management. That is why a management programme is necessary and indispensable today.

We develop ad-hoc management systems to create vertical customer solutions, or we use existing solutions that are customised to your company's needs!

We like to get inside the company dynamics and try to make improvements with information technology, thanks to ERP software.

Your customers are your strength: manage them in the best way with CRM software!

CRM allows you to track activities, generate opportunities and measure your ability to convert a contact into a customer. With management software, or rather a CRM, this is easier!


Web marketing and Social Media Management

Your business needs visibility, to find new customers and to retain existing ones.

Designing a precise marketing strategy is indispensable for achieving your business goals.
Starting with a careful analysis of your target market and the delineation of buyer personas, we will devise and implement the digital marketing plan best suited to your needs.

We will help you choose the most suitable social media for your company and target audience, and build and develop your social presence through the design and implementation of a precise editorial plan.
We will conduct campaigns to promote Brand Awareness, consolidate Brand Sentiments, increase Engagment or conversions. We will also engage in constant monitoring and optimisation activities.


Web development training and Coaching

Bagubits offers training courses and coaching services to those who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of web development and web marketing.

Our approach is very practical and technical.

We like to teach method, but also and above all practice, concretisation.

We have been running various courses in web application development, Wordpress site development, User Experience Design and User Interface, for professional training organisations for many years, including EnAIP Cuneo and AFP.


Web3, criptocurrencies and blockchain

The digital world never stops evolving: the future of computing, the blockchain, is already here.

If you are interested in seizing the opportunities and becoming one of the pioneers of Web3, Bagubits can help you out.

We will help you create a modern and competitive Web3 infrastructure that can stand up to the incredible complexity of this world.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT are all topics that will drive technological development in the coming years: by working with us, you can prepare yourself for this revolution.