Thor is a complete platform for the management of charging stations for electric cars.

Thor manages electricity pillars: new ones can be inserted and their status actively monitored. One can see all error messages or communications between the central system and the column. From here one can manage cost specifics or operate to unblock connectors and/or reboot the software subsystem of the column directly, remotely.

THOR manages the payment of vehicle recharging by the end customer, either by time or at a fixed rate. It is possible to have charging points with specific payment rates that differ from the others. THOR manages the charging and management of RFID cards, with which contactless charging is possible.


Thor is also the software on board the electricity columns themselves, managing the electronics and plugs on the one hand, the power electronics on the other, and the communication with the central server.

The development, carried out in collaboration with Smartbitinvolved several aspects: the cloud, a web application and the software itself.