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September 8, 2020
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February 7, 2020

High-traffic Wordpress website - daily news magazine.

La Guida is a rapidly expanding local newspaper. The requirements for the website were, therefore, strong flexibility and expandability. After a few months of development work with the editorial team, to understand the publication and authoring processes, the new site was born. Powerful, fast and allowing exponential growth in traffic to the site. Growth that came about thanks to careful programming according to SEO dictates.

The growth was vertiginous, from about 2000 visits per month to about 40000 visits per day, after about 20-24 months. The platform, developed in a Wordpress environment, allows for large traffic peaks, even up to 1000 simultaneous accesses per second.

On the administrative side, the creation of an ad-hoc theme allowed the chief editor to completely change the appearance of the home page according to the news of the day.


We created a special interface that allows dynamic cutting of images, so that the various media can be published on the website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Bagubits also developed the Alexa skill, with which people can listen to the newspaper news on a daily basis.


The tools we use

The hosting server infrastructure is completely based on Amazon Web Services to offer scalability and reliability. Media content is distributed via a CDN (CloudFront). A dedicated database server (Aurora) holds the dynamic data: with it we also discover slow queries, for continuous platform refinement. Thanks to EC2 servers, we manage reserved areas and paid content.