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September 8, 2020

Jewellery configurator for ecommerce

The new frontier of jewellery customisation integrated in ecommerce

Product uniqueness and customisation are the new must-haves on ecommerce web platforms.

We developed a configurator that allows users to create their own bracelet, within a unique shopping experience. The result is an ecommerce with a strong character that allows users to create and customise their own jewellery in every way.

The configurator is easy to use by any user, as it is extremely intuitive, and accompanies the customer through the choices, step by step.

The jewellery configurator is flexible and connected to the Wordpress/Woocommerce platform so that it is automatically updated on our jewellery products. Stocks and stock are updated with each purchase.

Our jewellery configurator for Woocommerce is a simple product, graphically very impactful and pleasant, but above all able to generate conversions.

Thanks to our configurator, the creation of a customised product generates in the visitor a strong bond with the product itself, making them more inclined to purchase.

The detailed graphics are a sign of the care we take in the realisation of our applications.

UI and UX were designed, built and developed to make the approach easy for any potential customer.

The interface and the integration with the Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms are the real strength, as they make it possible to automate a large part of the processes. For this purpose, Bagubits has specially developed a Wordpress plugin and theme.


How we created it

The realisation of the bracelet configurator for Woocommerce started with a careful study of the competitors: pain points and success stories were carefully analysed in order to draw lessons and tricks from them. The design phase was carried out together with the customer, while the creation of the configurator involved both frontend and backend developers. The frontend was developed in vanilla Javascript, CSS and HTML, so as to be compatible with any browser. The backend exploits all the power and flexibility of Wordpress, making use of hooks and filters.